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404 pages

Building a 404 page is an important detail for any site. However, Hammer's special Clever Paths make it tricky to host a single static page anywhere on your site. If you build your 404.html page in the root of your project, assets links will point to relative paths, instead of absolute ones. Oh no!

Fortunately, there's a way around this. Simply add this tag to the element of your 404.html page:

This will make your asset paths behave as though they were absolute paths from the site's root. Nice!

Note: You'll need to run your site from a hostname for this to work properly. For example, http://mysite.dev/ or http://mysite.com/. By default, Hammer uses file:/// URLS, which do not play nicely with tags.

Bourbon Neat and Hammer

If you're using the fantastic Bourbon Neat framework with Hammer, you'll need to download the Neat code from the Neat GitHub repository. The SCSS files for Neat are located inside the app/assets/stylesheets directory.

To use Neat in your project, simply copy the contents of app/assets/stylesheets into a folder in your project. Then just use @import "neat"; in your SCSS or Sass files to use Neat.

ZURB Foundation and Hammer

If you're working with ZURB's Foundation framework, you'll need to grab the Standalone Foundation files from GitHub.

Simply include the Foundation files in your project, include them in your SCSS files with @include "foundation/foundation" and you're good to go!

Compass and Hammer

Hammer doesn't support Compass, or compass-based CSS frameworks. There are many reasons why this is the best choice for us, and for you. For more information on why we don't support this particular framework, please read our blog post, "Why we don't support Compass".

If the Compass-based framework you're using has a standalone option (like ZURB Foundation) that doesn't require Compass, you should be able to use it just fine!

Sublime Text Snippets

Hammer Customer Dino Paskvan created this insanely useful sublime text snippets package that makes using Hammer's shortcuts and helpful tags even easier.


Hammer Cheat Sheet

Another simple but useful tool created by Hammer power user Marko Krstic, is this downloadable Cheat Sheet. Click, print and stick on your wall.


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