Introducing Hammer 1.5

Welcome to the new version of Hammer! We've been working hard to bring you the latest and greatest version of our OSX app for HTML developers, and in this post I'd like to take you through what's new.

Style tweaks

Hammer 1.5 has a beautiful new output view, with filters for all your file types, errors and to-dos. You can easily switch between tabs to see exactly what you need.

Speed improvements

Every version of Hammer is faster than the last. We work hard to make sure Hammer works as quickly as possible. This version is no exception, with tweaks throughout the codebase.

Ignore files

You asked for it, we shipped it - Hammer now has the ability to ignore files in your build. That means you can include PSDs, documentation, resource images - you name it. Simply add paths to Hammer's new ignore panel and it does the rest.


In Hammer 1.5, you can create and use your own project templates, share them with your friends and hit the ground running with new projects. Whether you're making a Javascript app, a static site or a Rails template build, you can now use Hammer to get started with everything you need. See more templates in the Template Gallery. We'll have more instructions on making your own templates very soon!

Bug fixes

With vast improvements and tweaks throughout Hammer's compiler, Hammer 1.5 is the cleanest, neatest release yet. With our new Hammer Bridge technology, we can ship updates to you more frequently, meaning hot-patches, bug-fixes and tweaks. No other app in the world is this dedicated to your code.

Note: Hammer Templates are only available in the full version of Hammer. Buy Hammer from the Mac App Store today!