Pickaxe - Hammer with HashPower

Launched on Product Hunt.

It's Hammer but with a new way to pay.
Pickaxe is a new version of our popular app Hammer - with all the features, without the old payment method.
Instead, you can pay for Pickaxe with your spare HashPower.
What's the difference?
Hammer or Pickaxe?

The only difference between Hammer and Pickaxe is how you pay for them.

Hammer is available for a one-off license fee.

Pickaxe enables you to pay on-demand, in return for some spare CPU usage and electricity, which is used to mine cryptocurrency.

Transparently, honestly and for the right reasons.


Here at Beach, the makers of Hammer and Pickaxe and a bunch of other neat tools, we've been working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies for while.

We built Coinstash and have built a way to enable developers like ourselves, to monetise their apps using cryptocurrency mining as a payment method.

Quality Assurance

We're showing how it should be done, with transparent and clear communication, simple interfaces and options that enable you to decide which suits you best.

No opt outs, no hidden processes and we do our best to make this somewhat complicated topic, easier to understand and for you to benefit from.

Hammer has its own format, which sits right inside your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files
Start using these in your projects and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.
HTML Includes
Front-end developers shouldn’t have to run local environments, or use PHP to do HTML includes.
With Hammer, you don’t have to
@include _header.html
Clever Paths
Write asset paths the easy way. Hammer searches your project files for the file and writes the filepath for you, even if it moves.
@path icons.png
Set and use variables in your files to bend them to your will. Perfect for building out templates, you can even set default variables.
Auto Reload
Every time Hammer finishes compiling your project, it will refresh the built page in whichever web browser you’re using.
Leave yourself notes and todos directly in your code. Hammer will display them right in the main interface.
@todo Rewrite all of this
Image Placeholders
Create dynamic placeholder images quickly and easily. Great when you need flexible images at the prototype stage.
@placeholder 300x400
Stylesheets + JavaScripts
By using the special Stylesheet and JavaScript tags, you can include multiple assets with minimum markup. Plus, there’s no need for extensions; just like clever paths, Hammer will find the files itself.
@stylesheet normalize
@stylesheet assets/css/*
@javascript jquery app
For a complete guide to these special tags and all the other features in Hammer, please read through the Hammer Documentation
“a (rather novel) alternate payment method to unlock premium features”
"an interesting twist in terms of freemium software offerings"
Free Trial
Buy Hammer for $19.99
Anvil is a beautiful menubar app that can run your Hammer builds under local .dev URL’s - great if you’re using web services like Typekit. Find out more and download it for free at anvilformac.com