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SASS & CoffeeScript

Hammer will automatically compile .coffee files to .js files and .scss and .sass files to .css files. You don’t need to anything to make this happen, Hammer handles it for you.

<!-- @javascript application -->

Because Hammer finds, and it knows about this filetype, it will convert this link to:

<script src="assets/js/application.js" type="text/javascript">

SASS Mixins

Hammer includes Bourbon's set of SASS mix-ins for use in your app. Whether you're using SCSS or SASS, mix-ins are a useful trick for avoiding vendor prefixes in your code.

.animate-me {
    @include transition( all 0.8s );
    @include transform( rotate(45deg) skew(20deg, 30deg) );

You don't have to use mix-ins, but they're a great way of writing clean, concise code. A full list of the mix-ins included is available on the Bourbon site.

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